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The Photogenic side of Homosexual Activity
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You must be at least 18 years of age to join or browse this community. Should i notice people underage in this community, they will be removed and banned. Sorry, if i don't, then the community might get shut down.

Cross posting and going on about off topic garbage if done is suspect to removal/banning from the community. Go somewhere else and talk about your feelings or how you're horny. This isn't a community to pick up dudes. Nor really is it the place to take a thousand cute pictures of yourself and post them. Go to one of the nakedparts communities for that.

This community is for the marvels of gay pornography.

Post the most creative/rediculous gay porn you can find in this journal. No pictures of people that appear to be the age of 18.

Please let us know your thoughts on the picture you linked. Why did you decide to post this pic? What would be the main attraction of this pic? If we were touching ourselfs inpurely, what mental images go well with it. You know.. get really art student *smart* (note the *'s) on us.

I suppose rediculous stories are ok... I may change that in the future.

This is somewhat a spinoff of journals such as nakedparts.

Nakedparts or nakedparts2, unlike this community the pictures do not have to be of youself. Although if anyone complains about anything displayed being copyright, thats on you and not this community. I find the concept of being booted from a community like this for not posting a "real" picture of yourself pathetic. What does it really matter if the pictures are of you or not, some guy in Delaware will equally find it fun to jerk off over them regardless.

So if you're some 400 pound, 40 year woman/man and want to be a 130 pound gay/lesbian 18 year old.. by all means. I really don't care long as you keep it on topic.

This by no means is a hate journal, just in case someone may think that. Do not post any pictures that are "illegal" by law.

Have fun!

Ex porn shop sales assistant mediator: istoleyourpie