Phillip T. Alden (phillipalden) wrote in homosexuals,
Phillip T. Alden

Today is World AIDS Day - Here's What You Can Do:

When the California legislature comes back into session they will be facing over $20M in cuts. Those of us who work on the front lines of this pandemic have a well-founded fear that further cuts to the state AIDS Drug Assistance Program, known as ADAP, will be put forth by those members who care more about tax cuts then the lives of Californians.

We desperately need as many people as possible to write to the Governor and to their local state representative, demanding that no further cuts be made to ADAP.

This is a matter of life and death. Last year the ADAP budget was cut so much that there are no funds for prevention and education. It's estimated that ADAP will need an increase of $100M to cover those who have lost their jobs, (and therefore, their health care.)

There are no more room for further cuts! If the California legislature and our troglodyte governor do not fully fund ADAP innocent Californians will die waiting for drug coverage! (This has already been happening for years in other states.)

If there is a rally at the Capitol (in Sacramento) we will need as many of our friends and supporters to be there. I will post notice of any such rally in this venue.

I beg of you not to ignore this plea. Please stand with us, and let the legislature know that any further cuts to ADAP is not acceptable.

Thank you for your past, present and future support!

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